Fired from “lethal Weapon” at the end of season 2 in may 2018, Clayne Crawford, the interpreter of Martin Riggs, will soon be back on the small screen in the series ‘ anthological horror “Into the Dark”, produced by Jason Blum. Michael Desmond/FOX Almost a year after the broadcast of the final of season 2 of The fatal Weapon, which marked his departure from the detective series adapted from the cinematographic saga to success, Clayne Crawford has already found the role that will allow him to make his return on the small screen. According to TVLine , the former interpreter of Riggs held, in effect, the main role of the ninth episode of the horror series Into the Dark, produced by Jason Blum and launched in the United States on Hulu on October 5, last. An anthology in which each episode, worn by actors different, is inspired by a festival or a public holiday corresponding to their months of dissemination. Entitled “They Come Knocking”, this episode will see Crawford play as a widower who decides to take his two daughters on a road trip and soon finds herself facing supernatural entities terrifying. Josephine Langford (After Chapter 1), Robyn Lively, Lia McHugh, and Dwight Hicks will complete the distribution of this album on the background of the feast of the fathers that will be available on Hulu as early as 7 June. Fired by the production of lethal Weapon and the Fox in may last, at the end of season 2 because of his behaviour unmanageable on the shooting and its supposed many clash with his playing partner, Damon Wayans and some members of the team, Clayne Crawford, therefore, seems to bounce a bit. Replaced by Seann William Scott during season 3, currently airing in France on TF1, the actor had not bothered to respond to his ouster in August last year, including “lies” told by the production to make it pass for one person is toxic and angry.

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A Great Sun is waiting for you in the week of January 28th-February 1st [SPOILERS]

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The Twilight Zone : "Of the SF, which reflects and comments on american culture"

The 26th awards ceremony of the French Film was hailed, like every year, the champions of the box office and audiences. And the winners are… Each year the Trophies of the French Film award the “darlings” of the public, by acknowledging the films that have attracted the most viewers in cinemas or works the best hearings on television. On Tuesday 5 February, the 26th ceremony was held in the framework of the Palais Brongniart, and was particularly welcomed on two occasions, The Great bath of Gilles Lellouche, as well as the trio of Dummies. The super-family the Incredibles, meanwhile, she placed a hand on the Trophy of Trophies, saluting the champion of the box office year, with a little less than 200 000 entries in advance on the family Tuche, which is offering the Trophy of the French film of the year. Trophy Trophies
The Incredibles 2 (5 845 365* entries) Trophy from the French film
The Tuche 3 (5 687 200* entries) Trophy of the first work
Everyone standing (2 417 045* entries) Trophy UniFrance (Trophy of the French film majority French in the French language, having attracted the largest number of spectators in a room abroad in 2018)
Taxi 5 Trophy of the fiction unit
Jacqueline Wild : it was him or me Trophy duo director‐producer – Revelation
Up to the guard – Xavier Legrand/Alexandre Gavras Trophy duo director‐producer – Cinema
The Great bath – Gilles Lellouche/Alain Attal & Hugo Sélignac Trophy duo author‐producer – Television
Hippocrates Thomas Lilti, Anaïs Carpita, Claude Le Pape, Julien Lilti/Agnes Valley, Emmanuel Barraux Trophy of the operator of the year
Christine Beauchemin‐Flot (Cinema Select, Antony) Trophée du public TF1 (chosen by the users of the websites of the TF1 group, one of the ten feature films French, who have gathered the most viewers in room 2018)
The Great bath Trophy for personality of the year (elected by the readers and viewers of the French Film)
The collective 5050 in 2020 Trophy of honor
Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia, and Chantal Lauby *source The Incredibles 2 trailer VF

More Beautiful the Life : behind the scenes of "Secrets", the new premium event
The Big Bang Theory : Kaley Cuoco is preparing to say goodbye to the sitcom cult

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Luna begins to tame his wheelchair. Kevin reconnects with Jenny. Gabriel and tammy are suspended, but for how long ? Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Luna goes up the slope to The rehabilitation centre, Luna is finally ready to move on to the step of the wheelchair. First of all confused by his lack of handling, she is quickly reassured by Mouss and his physical therapist with training and building muscle, she will accustom quickly. The Mistral, Mirta has the broken heart to the idea that his daughter should face the outside world in a wheelchair. Sacha, him, asked Vincent and Thomas for the help to install suitable equipment in his apartment and at the bar. Baptiste and Thérèse caught in a trap ? Stuck in the cave without a telephone network, Gabriel and Theresa try to keep their calm and not to panic. Having dropped his sack to the outside, Gabriel holds out hope, confident that this will allow other hikers to spot them. But someone get discreetly the bag without their help… During this time, Baptiste guilty at the idea that Jordan is still home by his guilt and decides to invite him to dinner to make amends. When the latter informs him that he sleeps in the street, he offers him to spend the night with him, despite the reluctance of Emma… Kevin inherits a heavy burden of responsibility for Jenny agrees to file a complaint against Syd, but the police may not get him a close protection against a single dealer on the sly. Worried for his safety, Kevin asks his mother to lend a room for Jenny the time that Syd is stopped. Laetitia accepts it reluctantly, distrustful of the girl. Pleasantly surprised by the new maturity of the young man, Jenny kisses her and they sleep together. Back at the police station, Kevin was entrusted with his first service weapon by a Castelli moved. Jerome, himself, is not as serene vision of the revolver, still haunted by his nightmare in which Syd was pulling on kevin… Plus Belle la Vie : Manon Bresch (Theresa) is leaving the Mistral

Skam France season 3 : we saw the first few episodes of this batch of the highly anticipated
The Suicide Squad : why James Gunn has retained Deadshot but changed actor

The next episode of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which will be broadcast Thursday on ABC in the United States, will mark the arrival of a new character played by Jennifer Grey, the star of the cult film “Dirty Dancing”… In episode 13 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, the nombtreuses victims of a shooting during a parade are supported in the “Grey Sloan Memorial”. During this time, an event of the past plays Maggie, while Meredith is about to confess his desire to attend Deluca. Owen and Amelia are receiving the shattering of Betty when her parents arrive. Jennifer Grey embodies his mother… season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy is available in France (US+24 sur MyTF1 VOD.

My Unknown : who is Josephine Japy, the soul sister of François Civil ?
Game of Thrones : George R. R. Martin’s "do not think" that this season had to be the last

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Kylian gets some unexpected help during his interrogation, Chloe is worried about Margot. Flora, meanwhile, finally gets what she wants. And Bilel discovers what awaits him. Capture d'screen/DNA Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Friday, February 22, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Kylian gets some unexpected help-Asked by Martin, Kylian admits to being responsible for the assault of Robin Bellanger and Chantal Dumas and claims to have acted alone. The interrogation is, however, interrupted by Lou, who introduces himself as the advocate of Kylian, to the surprise of Martin and the young activist. Once the commander Constant out of the room, Lou says to Kylian that she’s going to defend on one condition : that he keeps for him the agreement with Victor Brunet. If he refuses, he will still be able to take a lawyer but will probably spend 20 years in prison. Kylian then to accept the proposal from Lou, but has one condition : he wants the Brunet to pay each month the nursing home of her aunt. A query that, according to the lawyer, will not be a problem. At the hospital, Margot continues to refuse to prevent the father of her baby. And to make matters worse, she always felt not her son and looks at him hardly, which worries a lot of Chloe, who asks for a favor to Karim : allow Kylian to talk to Margot. She is convinced that only he will be able to reason with them. And actually, thanks to Kylian, Margot understands that her baby has not asked anyone, and that he needs her. So, even if it collapses at the time of having to say goodbye to her boyfriend, who is certain that he will not escape the prison, and that she thinks that it will not succeed without him, Margot seems to gradually become aware of its new role of mother. For proof, she ends up giving a name to the baby (Caesar, in tribute to the great-grandfather of Kylian) and goes up to take her in his arms, under the compassionate eyes of Chloe. Flora recovers Info Sète Victor Brunet found himself Flora at the restaurant and announces to him that he agrees to give him Info Sète. But he promises him that she has not finished paying for, which suggests that he is determined to continue to rot his life. Flora then makes out that they might need one another because she hopes to find in the near future his position in the town hall and knows that he will definitely need the support of the city council at a given time. A little later, Flora is part of the new Anna and he proposes to resume their collaboration to the head Info Sète. Anna agrees but does lack of not to remind Flora that their reports will be limited now to a relationship strictly professional. Things never will again never be like before between them. Bilel is trapped by Corkas Leila, for its part, receives an envelope full to bursting with notes of 50 and 100 euros, accompanied by a word of Mickaël Corkas, co-inmate of Bilel, who claims to know how hard life is for a family of a prisoner and ensure to keep an eye on it. It realizes that it is a pressure shot for Bilel keeps silence about plans to Corkas and fact to her husband in a parlor. On his return in a cell, Bilel confronts Corkas, who claims that the money is sent to Leïla is only a small boost. After all, he has confidence in him and knows that he does not speak. But Bilel soon learns information that will change everything : the escape of Corkas is scheduled for Monday and it’s going to have to take part. Corkas leaves him no choice.

The trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things was unveiled yesterday with a lot of new characters. Focus on the interpreter of Robin, Maya Hawke. The trailer of the third season of the series Stranger Things was unveiled yesterday. A video in which new characters were introduced, including Robin, a colleague of Steve (Joe and Kerry) in the glacier where it is used. This new character is embodied by the young actress Maya Hawke, who is no other than the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.

20-year-old, Maya Hawke began his career in 2017 in the mini-series The Four daughters of Doctor March, in addition to its participation in Stranger Things, it will appear in the casting of the new film by Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood in cinemas on the 14th of August next. A first collaboration with stage director, whose mother was the muse.

The third season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix since July 4. The trailer for season 3, Stranger Things – season 3 trailer VO