A Great Sun : what you can expect in the week of 4 to 8 march [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… Claire and Audrey are on the point of put an end to the pollution of the pond; Mary takes a radical decision for its torque; Julien and Alice spin the perfect love. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! Bad time for the family Estrela After the infidelity of Victor, Marie filing for divorce, worn by years of tragedies and sacrifices for the work of her husband. Determined to enjoy life and to not waste her time, she expresses her interest for dr. Alphand, who does not delight Clear that he is the supervisor… Furious, Victor instructs Adele to disappear from her life, because she has shattered her marriage by revealing their affair to Mary.Theo is shot down the idea that his family circle, all recently reconstructed, split apart. Cecile offers to Adele to accompany her and Alain during their weekend at the ski to change the ideas. But her friend is not fooled : she guesses that it is above all a pretext for her to put some distance between her and her husband, with whom disputes are becoming more frequent. For him to change the ideas, Audrey decides to take Marie with her to the edge of the pond in the evening to take the polluters red-handed. They surprise the truck responsible for the déversage of toxic waste and take photos of the driver. Before the accumulation of evidence, Manu takes seriously the case and asks Cécile to obtain a warrant for the arrest of the manager of the company SOPEO, immediately arrested. Clear, Virgil and Audrey are at the party following their victory and decide to celebrate the event at the hut. But Audrey crosses paths with Guilhem, and assures him that she will not let him get away with his actions… She disappears for a few hours before the evening, the air stirred, and is found dead at the edge of the pond the next day. Claire, in shock, says to Manu that Audrey thought that the company responsible for protected by people in very high places… their side, joe and Alice finally found, and live intensely their liaison secret. But one morning, Arthur discovers a sock of a man in the room of his mother and understands that she’s dating someone. It appears increasingly obvious that her two parents are lying. When they have no other choice than to tell them the truth and they announce their intention of getting back together, Manon is not able to rejoice; still upset by her history with Jimmy, she no longer believes in love… Mo reveals his terrible secret Mb and Inès cross Jerome in front of the home, come make new after Mb has suddenly announced to withdraw from the training on equality between men and women. Mb dismisses it violently, and explains Inès they knew each other since young, having been part of the same movement activist. Jerome then offers to Eve to resume the post of Mb, and seems to be very interested in it… Mo soon began warning her friend and advises her not to stay alone with him. In the face of evil-be obvious to Mb, Eve encourages her to confide. She then reveals that she was raped by Jérôme nine years earlier at a seminar. She had buried this trauma, but the fact of the see reappear in his life has made everything resurface. She made him promise not to tell anyone, fearing the reaction of Enric as they were together at the time of the tragedy, and she has never dared to reveal to him what had happened. But back in high school, Eve can not help but unleash his anger at Jerome. Suspecting that Monette revealed to him her secret, he tries to put pressure on it, accusing it of compromising the teaching mission. Thanks to the help of Bilal and Davia, Lucille finally integrates the co-location of Maryline. But it déchante quickly before the rules very “family” imposed by the owner, who dreamed of independence…